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Way of the Exploding Stick 651)   Way of the Exploding Stick 1.00
Using deadly martial arts skills, run through houses and levels, defeating other sticks.

Smashing 652)   Smashing 1.00
Addictive breakout clone, with many new powerups!

Ultimate Racing 653)   Ultimate Racing 1.00
Do you have what it takes to race? Ultimate Racing takes racing to a new level!

Xtreme Skateboarding 654)   Xtreme Skateboarding 1.00
Don't trip over yourself! Experience eXtreme skateboarding action with Xtreme Skateboarding!

Base Defense II 655)   Base Defense II 1.00
Base Defense II: Defend the Earth from enemies and soldiers!

Dragonslayer 656)   Dragonslayer 1.00
Dragonslayer: Blast your way through hordes of dragons.

Parrotts Bar 657)   Parrotts Bar 1.00
Parrotts Bar: Are your mixing skills up to par? Find out!

Fruit Collection 658)   Fruit Collection 1.1.0
Bounce the fruits to the basket!

Halo Flash Game - Capture The Flag 659)   Halo Flash Game - Capture The Flag 1.0
Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell! Controls the basics: click on spell buttons t

Embassy Sharpshooter 660)   Embassy Sharpshooter 1.00
Embassy Sharpshooter: Be a sleek, deadly assassin.

The Viking 661)   The Viking 1.00
The Viking: Hack and slash through the invaders.

Ice Hockey 662)   Ice Hockey 1.00
Ice Hockey: Winning needs timing and fast reflexes.

Fragile Ball 663)   Fragile Ball 1.00
Fragile Ball is a simple but exciting game. All you have to do is to rotate the stage and lead the ball to the goal. But don't forget to handle the ball carefully!

Highway Hunter 664)   Highway Hunter 1.00
Highway Hunter: Streak down the highway and shoot the cars.

Balloony 665)   Balloony 1.00
Balloony: Take to the skies, downing others.

Drifts 666)   Drifts 1.00
Drifts: Frantic, fast-paced drifting action.

Soul Mech 667)   Soul Mech 1.00
Soul Mech: Duel your opponent to the death.

Battle Bots 668)   Battle Bots 1.00
Battle Bots: Duke it out to the death.

100m Hurdles 669)   100m Hurdles 1.00
100m Hurdles: Don't trip!

Adventure Golf 670)   Adventure Golf 1.00
Adventure Golf: Putt your way through 100 levels.

Area 41 671)   Area 41 1.00
Area 41: A parody of the popular concept of Area 41.

Crazy Hunter 672)   Crazy Hunter 1.0
Now you are a hunter.Do you have the corauge to beat the beasts in the jungle?

Bubble Bug 673)   Bubble Bug 1.1.0
Inflate bubbles and catch bugs. Do not inflate too much otherwise the bubbles will burst!

Naruto Dress Up Hinata 674)   Naruto Dress Up Hinata 1.0
The continuation of dress up game this time with Hinata the true love of Uzumaki Naruto. Use many kind of clothes to customize you own sexy Hinata. Also you can use it as avatar or make some photos to your site or blog.

Blot in Hell 675)   Blot in Hell 1.00
Blot in Hell: Help Blot escape the horrors of hell.

Commando 676)   Commando 1.00
Commando: Can you get out the building alive?

Lord of the Stars 677)   Lord of the Stars 1.00
Lord of the Stars: Explore this cartoony Middle-Earth.

Mad Dogs On The Road 678)   Mad Dogs On The Road 2.0
Mad Dogs On The Road - a game about tough guys. They hit the roads shipping illegal goods from one town to another. In this game, you will drive a cool car challenging road raiders. You will have a dangerous and breathtaking adventure ahead!

Napoleon Toadamite 679)   Napoleon Toadamite 1.00
Napoleon Toadamite: Napoleon dwelves into the world of Nintendo.

Mortal Kombat 680)   Mortal Kombat 1.0
Mortal Kombat was the first entry in the famous and highly controversial Mortal Kombat fighting game series by Midway Games, released in arcades in 1992. It was later picked up by Acclaim Entertainment for the home version

Fashion Rush 681)   Fashion Rush 1.0
Meet Satine, a young wannabe Fashion Designer. Help her become successful and famous in the fashion world! Share Satine`s life and find out if she can manage a successful career and a great love story.

Time of War 682)   Time of War 1.2
In the near future, Sixcorp, a powerful mega corporation, has declared war on the world and only you can stop the threat! Take the role of elite soldier Sean Harmmor as he embarks on a mission that can change the world forever!

Super Mario Boss Bash 683)   Super Mario Boss Bash 1.0
Take on 3 classic video-game bosses. WART, ABOBO, and THUNDERBIRD. Can you get 3 stars on all 3? oss 1: Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Throw Object. Boss 2: Arrow Keys - Move. A - Attack. Boss 3: Arrow Keys - Move. A - Attack. S - Spell. Spacebar - Sp

Metal Gear Solid - Pico Island 684)   Metal Gear Solid - Pico Island 1.0
Snake is on a mission here. Sneak around, snap some necks, plant some C4, do whatever it takes to survive and complete an assigned mission. Good Luck!

Now Boarding 685)   Now Boarding 1.1.5
In Now Boarding, passengers must get to various destinations before they freak out. Route planes carefully and don’t leave anyone behind! Renovate the terminal, purchase new airplanes and hire employees. Lead the team to success!

Ben 10 alien force 686)   Ben 10 alien force 1.0
This is an adventure game where you are Ben 10. Your cousin Gwen has disappeared and you investigate the case trying to find her. You'll need to talk to different people, find objects and figure out what to do to proceed. Sometimes you'll be asked to

Super Mario Yoshi Island - The Yoko 687)   Super Mario Yoshi Island - The Yoko 1.0
Yoshi's Island has a unique gameplay compared to other Mario games. Instead of Baby Mario/ Baby Luigi, Yoshi is the main playable character. Yoshi has a range of moves, such as swallow enemies, converting them into eggs and throwing them. If the play

Contra Game - Shotting NES 688)   Contra Game - Shotting NES 1.0
Let me imagine that you have no idea what Contra is like and need a description. You, or you and a friend together, take the role of a commando sent to a tropical city to eradicate an evil black ops commandos. For most of the game, you run to the rig

Zombie Eric 689)   Zombie Eric 1.0
Zombie Eric is a free game where you need to kill as much zombies as possible. You are a famous Eric the zombie killer. You are on another mission to destroy zombies that are taking over the world. Shoot at sight, they are closing very fast.

Bruce Lee Game 690)   Bruce Lee Game 1.0
Go on a quest for vengeance and become the ultimate kung fu master! The game idea is easy. Just use mouse movement combinations to use punches, kicks and more powerful moves to beat You enemies and incoming traps.

Line Space Wars 691)   Line Space Wars 1.00
Line Space Wars is a space shooting game. You can ride over 20 unique spaceships / battleships. Explore the line universe and defeat the empire!

Legend Of Zelda Forever 692)   Legend Of Zelda Forever 5.0
Welcome to the world of Legend of Zelda. Our brave hero, link, a little elf will defend beautiful princess Zelda and her kingdom. Evil ghost sarcophagus comes to their planet and wants to disrupt their peace and harmony. Enter the world .

Lego Rock Rocket 693)   Lego Rock Rocket 1.0
How far can you travel before running out of power? use special Lego character abilities to travel faster and longer. Catch as many points as you can to win the race!

Super Mario Forever Galaxy 694)   Super Mario Forever Galaxy 2.0
Welcome to the continuation of famous Mario Forever. After what happened in first part many things changed. Evil bowser rebuilt his army and kidnapped princess to another planet. This time Mario is not alone.

Super Mario Forever : Block Party 695)   Super Mario Forever : Block Party 1.9
Welcome to the magic blocks land of Mario Forever. Evil and crafty Bowser and his friend Kemek have created a new machine which filled the Toadstoll land with magic blocks. They want to cover the whole world with them and on the ruinds build an Evil.

Luxor Bundle Pack 696)   Luxor Bundle Pack 2
In this two-game pack, Isis has enlisted your help to battle against Set and his evil minions. Use your mystical winged scarab to shoot colored spheres and make matches of three or more.

download free movies 697)   download free movies 3.0
Completely free toolbar from At the present time we have it really good. We can download full-length, high-quality movies for next to free of charge on the Internet.

Help! Aliens! 698)   Help! Aliens! 1.01
Help! Aliens! is our new 3D action adventure game for your PC, laptop, notepad or netbook set on an alien spaceship. You are a secret agent sent to rescue the President from the invaders. Your mission is simple: Kill them all!!!

Mario Forever Flash 699)   Mario Forever Flash 1.0
Mario Forever Flash - Adaptation of the famous Super Mario Bros 3 : Mario forever now available in the world of online games. Project built in Macromedia Flash. Of course the mission is to face evil Bowser and the army of his small soldiers.

Pokemon18 700)   Pokemon18 01
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