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Contra Game Workshop 301)   Contra Game Workshop 1.31
A: A few mouse clicks to make your own flash games without any progaming! B: Then sign your name, save the project to hard disk as *.fga file for future use and edit C: Publish and share your games with others on the internet !

Globin Raider 302)   Globin Raider 1.0
in the middle of the jungle Globin have to fight with many Bunny and collect all the gold, 5 level plenty of action

Desert Fury 303)   Desert Fury
You've been recruited to lead the 'War on Terror.' In over 80 action-packed missions you'll have to fight the terrorist army in your quest to protect the world..

Unreal Tournament 304)   Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal Tournament 2004 is a multiplayer first person shooter that combines the kill-or-be-killed experience of gladiatorial combat with cutting-edge technology.

Planet Wars 3000 305)   Planet Wars 3000 V1.2.2
Planet Wars is a top-down shoot 'em up mixed with abit of strategy. The game is playable in the single player campaign with up to 3 players on one computer.

MoneyMania 306)   MoneyMania 1.25
MoneyMania is a thrilling original remake of Pacman game. You explore mazes in deep space, search for treasures, bonuses and confront cyber-guards. Splendid graphics and miraculous music help you immerse into the unforgettable virtual world!

Crazy Taxi 307)   Crazy Taxi 1.1.0
Drive as fast as possible, dodge other cars and jump over them!

Star Blaze 308)   Star Blaze 1.0
Star Blaze is a space shooter game where you will have to fight your way through the enemy hordes, collecting resources and weapon upgrades. The game features excellent graphics, music effects and more.

MonsterTron 2k3 Demo 309)   MonsterTron 2k3 Demo 2.0
Excuse us....may we have 3 minutes of your time? The MonsterTron 2k3 demo comes packed with 15 various levels to give you a good taste of the full version. An Old Skool arcade shooter for the whole family. We recommend this game.

Panic Invaders 310)   Panic Invaders 1.3.21
Fight the enemies coming your way and defend the Earth from total destruction. Move your ship using your mouse and fire weapons with left and right mouse buttons. Pick up bonuses that will help you fight them. But watch out,you have only 44 seconds.

UFO Killer 311)   UFO Killer 1.0
The aliens from far away galaxies attacked a peaceful town of MyPlayCity. They searched for new sources of energy and labor. The true patriots rise in rebellion against the conquerors to protect their home.

Tigra Adventures 312)   Tigra Adventures 2.0
Tigra Adventures is an arcade where you have to collect bones and fight the enemies.

Moon Racer 313)   Moon Racer 1.0
driving a F1 cartoon car in a surface of the moon and take care of the spaceman.

AceSpeeder! 314)   AceSpeeder! 1.0
Start your engine and race with your Cool Hovercraft against others in this futuristic racing game! This Game is Freeware and screened for maximum quality by Illusion Software! Feel free to distribute this Game on your own website.

Terror Strike 315)   Terror Strike 1
Fascinating and dynamic FPS game with realistic 3D graphics and great 3D sound

Madcap Orb 316)   Madcap Orb 1.1
A challenging and addictive game where the goal is to get an orb past lots of crazy obstacles and your opponent.

Bandit's Big Adventure 317)   Bandit's Big Adventure 1.0
Bandit is a puppy with an attitude. Follow him on his Big Adventure as he goes from area to area collecting kibble, bones, cheese, ice cream cones, and gifts. The Demo version contains two levels, while the full version has 24 levels.

PDAPacMan Classic (Updated) 318)   PDAPacMan Classic (Updated) 1.1
PDAPacMan is the Most fabulous and real version of the classic PacMan Game, which allows you to experience the controlled emotion of challenging new levels with the best speed and sound available. (Pocket PC Game)

Crop Designs 319)   Crop Designs 1.2
Crop Designs is a maze game in which the rebel chicken Lucky Chucky is chased by aliens and farmers while trying to gather feed pellets and create designs in crop fields.

Snails Palm 320)   Snails Palm 2.1
Snails is an action-strategy game with excellent sound, vivid cartoon graphics.

MadMagic 321)   MadMagic 1.0
Explore beautiful and mysterious worlds in your quest for magician’s treasure. Control fantasy creatures, cast powerful spells and fight enemy monsters during this breathtaking adventure and action filled game of fantasy!

Alice Greenfingers 322)   Alice Greenfingers 1.0
Build your own garden of flowers and vegetables, follow the market trends and serve ripe crops down at the town market in this intriguing sim game!

Air Grenades Eliminator - Free Shooting Games 323)   Air Grenades Eliminator - Free Shooting Games 1.0
Air Grenade Eliminator is a story about a soldier, who needs to bring falling grenades to explode before they touch the surface. Air Grenades Eliminator is probably the best way to have a break.

Strike 2 324)   Strike 2
This is a shoot'em up game. You are the captain of a ship on a misson to destroy the alien invaders and save the Earth.

9mm 325)   9mm
They took your badge.

Climbers of Fortune 326)   Climbers of Fortune 1.5
Participate in "Climbers of Fortune", the most violent TV-show of the future. You take the role of a "defender", who works for the channel. (requires DirectX8.0 or better)

Future Boy! 327)   Future Boy! 1
Future Boy! is an adventure game--an interactive comic book, combining excellent writing, a rich story, and a sophisticated game world with original animation, illustrations, and music, plus a host of unique and unforgettable characters.

Pop Fighting 328)   Pop Fighting 2.1.2
We are under attack! The evil pops are attacking! Act quickly, shot them down, don't forget picking up the goodies they left. you can select different guns by pressing 1,2,3 or 4. You can even nuke them with your Massive Destruction Weapon.

TombClimber 329)   TombClimber 1.4
TombClimber is a 2D Platform-Labyrinth Jump and Run Game. You have to find your way through labyrinths, fight monsters, avoid traps and colleact treasures. Discover completely unexplored, subterranean tombs of the old forgotten Pharaohs!

Active Ball for SPV 330)   Active Ball for SPV 1.3
Ask your smartphone, "Are you tired of running boring applications? Would you like to take a break and grab a byteful of fun?" If your phone says "Yes" - give it some Active Ball, a carefully crafted arkanoid remake. Your smartphone is worth it!

Slimy blobs 331)   Slimy blobs 1.0
Split and repel red, green, blue, and purple blobs in this addictive action, strategy, and puzzle game. The essence of the game lies in trying out playing strategies in order to reach great scores while surviving for as long as possible.

Dragon Game Premium 332)   Dragon Game Premium 3.1
You control one of these fearless dragons. Your main aim is to fly as far as the main source and demolish it. The main problem is the net that is following you, if you get closer, you're trapped. Besides the net, there are many other obstacles on you

Operation Mars 333)   Operation Mars 3.2
The belligerent aliens from another Galaxy conquered Mars. Free the planet from the invaders. As a pilot of a space ship, join battle to free the population of the planet. Well-equipped detachments of enemies spaceships stand in your way.

Star Defender 4 334)   Star Defender 4 1.0
Love Star Defender 3? Want more missions and enemies? Then here you go! It's Star Defender 4, with new weapons, uglier aliens and more!

Street Fighter 2 335)   Street Fighter 2 1.00
Street Fighter 2: Button-mashing, action-packed fighting!

Brickles Pro - Brickles for the Mac 336)   Brickles Pro - Brickles for the Mac 1.1.3
Brickles Pro is a customizable, exciting ball and paddle game. It features stereo sounds, adjustable colors and patterns, adjustable ball and paddle sizes, adjustable speed and window sizes. Even the number of paddles in the game can be changed.

Painter Madness 337)   Painter Madness 1.0
What's most important in painting? Certainly, to deliver the paint to the painter. If you think it's easy, you need to play Painter Madness game. You will have to control the movement of the paint basket with specific aerodynamic effects in the game!

Machine Hell 338)   Machine Hell 1.0
The world has been invaded by an alien race of machine warriors. You are an elite soldier, controlling an advanced military hovercraft, and your mission is simple, but tough -search and destroy all the alien machines and reclaim Earth.

Dr. Blob’s Organism 339)   Dr. Blob’s Organism 1.0
Dr. Blob's Organism is a lightning-fast shooter where players blast feisty one-celled organisms as they try to escape from a petri dish!

Weird Planet 340)   Weird Planet 3.1
This game is a murderous action where the main character is to pass several levels to escape from the unknown planet inhabited by various monsters. It is necessary to stay alive to pass the level.

WinMaze - The best MidiMaze II clone ever! 341)   WinMaze - The best MidiMaze II clone ever! 1.79
WinMaze is a 3D online game where you control a smiley through a 3D-maze. But instead of a 3D shooter, in WinMaze the goal is to reach a specified amount of money. The game is based on the original MidiMaze II for Atari ST computers by Markus Fritze

Xeno Assault II 342)   Xeno Assault II 1.3
Blast aliens and save the universe in an all new sequel to one of the most highly praised games of this year. Xeno Assault II will capture your mind with breath taking game play and heart pounding arcade action!

Crazy Monkey 343)   Crazy Monkey 1.0
Funny addictive free game by Crazy Monkey flies on the balloon, avoid enemies, collect fruit and bonuses and score points. Use Mouse to rule the monkey, left mouse button to fly up. Download freeware or play free online.

Critical Seeker Valentine version 344)   Critical Seeker Valentine version 5.2.25
A smart photo hunt game challenging your power of observation. With Critical Seeker Valentine version, players are to spot the five differences between two virtually identical images in time. It features amusing music, and a smart interface.

BattlePets Software 345)   BattlePets Software 1.0
PC game much like Pokemon. Battle wild BattlePets and train your own.

Monitor Interferences - PC Prank Program 346)   Monitor Interferences - PC Prank Program 1.0
Scare your friends! Secretly run this free and harmless prank program on your “victim’s” computer. When your victim starts using the computer by moving his/her mouse, he/she will see strange monitor interferences after a while. :)

Rise of the Machines 347)   Rise of the Machines 1.2
The world has been invaded by an alien race of Steel Warriors. You are an elite soldier, controlling an advanced military hovercraft. The mission is simple - seek and destroy the revolted Machines and reclaim Earth.

Zelda Walk 348)   Zelda Walk 1.00
A faithful recreation of Zelda.

Hapland 2 349)   Hapland 2 1.00
The mysterious Hapland returns in Hapland 2. Click around to explore the world you are in. A great mix of puzzle and adventure genres.

Beyond Normandy: Assignment Berlin 350)   Beyond Normandy: Assignment Berlin
Take your place alongside the Allied forces to push through the heavily defended city of Berlin.

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