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MathProf 251)   MathProf 4.0
MathProf is an easy to use mathematics program within approximately 180 subroutines. MathProf can display mathematical correlations in a very clear and simple way. The program covers the areas Analysis, Geometry, Algebra, Stochastics,Vector algebra.

Math Scratch 252)   Math Scratch 1.0
Math Scratch teaches the mathematical process for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers. Children will learn to work with one to five numbers, carrying, borrowing, and remainders as they would with pencil and paper.

HiDigit 253)   HiDigit 1.1
HiDigit is a new calculating software with extended capabilities. It is recommended for use by math, physics and engineering students and teachers. The main advantage of the software is a simple input format even for the most complicated formulas.

BMP EMF Grapher 254)   BMP EMF Grapher 1.1
BMP EMF Grapher - drawing 2-D mathematical freeware with BMP, EMF, CSV export and CSV import. It draw graphics and exports them to the BMP, EMF, and CSV formats and imports CSV files to export to BMP or EMF format.

NLREG 255)   NLREG 6.2
NLREG performs nonlinear regression and curve fitting. NLREG fits a mathematical function whose form you specify to a set of data values. Virtually any type of function can be fitted.

mWorksheet 256)   mWorksheet 1.1
mWorksheet makes math worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You set the parameters for the entire worksheet or individual operands. Problems randomly generate each time you print a worksheet.

PDAcalc units 257)   PDAcalc units 1.66
AUTOMATICALLY convert between units: 4in*5cm*3ft=>gal will calculate how many gallons a container with the given dimensions will hold. 110V*16A will automatically convert the result to Watts. Designed for PDA's but also runs on windows platforms.

EMTask Algebra Inequalities 258)   EMTask Algebra Inequalities 2.0
54806 algebraic inequalities from basic to advanced, with solutions and test authoring options. Enables creation of math tests, homeworks, quizzes and exams of varied complexity in a minute. Generates 30 variant tests around a constructed example

$1.64 Puzzle 259)   $1.64 Puzzle 1.0
Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program written to provide skills in context. Students must place four quarters, four dimes, four nickels, and four pennies on a 4 by 4 grid so that the rows and columns sum to given values.

Milliliter Converter 260)   Milliliter Converter 1
Milliliter Converter is an easy way to visually convert between Milliliters and Cups. Use Milliliter Converter to help with your recipies. Conversions between the Metric and English system can be confusing, let Milliliter Converter help you.

Automaton Laboratory 261)   Automaton Laboratory 1.0
This application is a laboratory for the creation of automata. An automaton is a system of circles moving relative to one another in a hierarchical fashion which create cruves which are a superset of epicycloids and hypocycloids.

GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 262)   GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 1.2.1
Linear programming environment to solve constrained optimization problems arising in various industrial, financial and educational areas. Optimization problems are stated as linear programs with UNLIMITED number of variables and constraints.

Mini Expression Calculator 263)   Mini Expression Calculator 2.1
A tiny,beautiful daily calculator makes your daily calculation easy and pleasant.It could calculate any large float number easily.Input from keyboard or from Clipboard.Display the input and output in the same line at the same time.

ExpCal 264)   ExpCal 1.0.0
ExpCal is a useful math tool for school teachers, students and engineers. Can be used to calculate math expressions. Tens of math functions are provided.

Progetto Calcolatrice 265)   Progetto Calcolatrice 0.8.0
The Progetto Calcolatrice is a software that allows you to carry out simple and complex calculations

Automaton Lab 3D 266)   Automaton Lab 3D 1.0
The automata which are modeled in this application are composed of a set of spheres whose size and axis are relative to one another, and where each sphere is rolling upon the surface of one other sphere in a fully deterministic pattern.

SimpleCalc 267)   SimpleCalc 1.0
SimpleCalc version1.0 is a calculator program. It's features enable user to calculate arithmatic expressions. Some of it's features are trigonometry functions, log, ln, x^2, x6y, exp, 10^x, xor, and.

Mathpad 268)   Mathpad 1.0
Mathpad is an easy to use text editor for mathematics. You can mix together ordinary text and any mathematical expression. Ideal for math teachers to create quizzes, tests and handouts. Also, you can save the formatted text as an image.

Grin Software 269)   Grin Software 1.0
Application on Graph Theory

ImageDIG 2D/3D Image Digitizer Software 270)   ImageDIG 2D/3D Image Digitizer Software 1.0
Convert flat images into 2D/3D numerical data and preview.

Cosmic Heart 271)   Cosmic Heart 1.0
This application demonstrates the curious relationships wherein a tetrahedron can be inscribed in a cube in two different ways and a cube can be inscribed in a dodecahedron in 5 different ways.

ESBProgCalc Pro - Programmers Calculator 272)   ESBProgCalc Pro - Programmers Calculator 2.0.1
ESBProgCalc Pro is a Windows Programmer Calculator with Infix Notation, Exponential Notation, Printing, Brackets, many operations, Memory, Paper Trail, History List, Hexadecimal Conversion, Fraction Conversion and more. Register once for life

special-functions 273)   special-functions 1.1
The special function calculator is a double interpreter specialized in the mathematical special functions : Gamma, Bessel, Airy, Exponential integral, Clausen, Rieman Zeta, Hurwitz zeta etc...

LiteralMath 274)   LiteralMath 2.4
Text editor with the additional capabilities of math notation and hypertext, aimed at the high school / college environment. Uses the RTF format known to Wordpad, Word. Generates HTML, so that math notation can be displayed by popular browsers.

Mind4Math Grade 1&2 275)   Mind4Math Grade 1&2 1.1
Mind4Math is an easy to use teaching assistant for both the classroom educator and the home teacher. Mind4Math includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems for your young students.

ABF Value Converter 276)   ABF Value Converter 2.3
ABF Value Converter is an application for measurement units conversion. This software easily converts various measurement values into any other possible ones. Inches to centimetres, pounds to kilograms, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and so on.

Numbers Up! Baggin' the Dragon OSX 277)   Numbers Up! Baggin' the Dragon OSX 1.1
This fun math game for ages 4-15 covers geometry, shape, measurement, algebra and data strands. A board game format is used to present 3200 questions across 14 categories in 11 graded levels. Varied question styles suit different learners.

Mini Talking Calculator 278)   Mini Talking Calculator 2.4
Talk the input expression,talk the pressed key name,talk the result of calculation.Display the input & output at the same line & same time.Record the historcal calculation in the Log dialog.Only support (,),+,-,*,/.Accept clipboard input&output.

Coordinate Calculator Software 279)   Coordinate Calculator Software 1.0
Coordinate Calculator process coordinates in different projections and spheroids. Can be used in geo

ESBPDF Analysis Software 280)   ESBPDF Analysis Software 1.0
Easy to use Probability Distribution Calculator with Help Tutorials

VistaMetrix Software 281)   VistaMetrix Software 1.0
Extracts graph values, distances, areas, angles, colors from images.

LeoStatistic Software 282)   LeoStatistic Software 1.0
Statistical analysis of experimental data. Distribution, curve fitting etc.

U4 Screen Magnifier 283)   U4 Screen Magnifier 2.01
U4 Screen Magnifier is a powerful and easy-to-use computer screen magnifier. Designed for anybody who always stares computer screen to protect eyes. The circular lens and rotating view make it the most innovative and interesting screen magnifier.

EMSolution Arithmetic 284)   EMSolution Arithmetic 3.0
36319 arithmetic and pre-algebra problems from basic to advanced with fully explained solutions, related math theory and easy-to-use test preparation options

Function Grapher 2D Edition 285)   Function Grapher 2D Edition 2.1.0
Function Grapher is a easy-to-use software for 2D and 2.5D function graphing and animation.

Functions 286)   Functions 1.00
Visualizes and studies functions of one variable to find roots, extrema, integral, derivatives, graph. Results can be saved or printed. You can copy the graph to the clipboard. You have one-click control of the graph with zooming, panning, centering

Regression analysis - CurveFitter 287)   Regression analysis - CurveFitter 4.5.4
CurveFitter program performs statistical regression analysis to estimate the values of parameters for linear, multivariate, polynomial, exponential and nonlinear functions.

WebCab Probability and Stat for Delphi 288)   WebCab Probability and Stat for Delphi 3.3
Offers functionality from Basic Statistics, Discrete Probability, Standard Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Linear Regression for your Delphi Applications.

Integer Balance Beam Puzzles 289)   Integer Balance Beam Puzzles 1.0
Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program written to provide skills in context. Students balance a beam by using positive and negative weights.

Match-Freq 290)   Match-Freq 5.07
Pulse shaping filter program that finds the pole-zero locations of a transfer function, H(s), for a matched filter. H(s) equals a -desired- signal (Yout) divided by a given input signal (Yin). Y's are in freq. A Fortran Calculus demo application.

idv Kvadur 291)   idv Kvadur 1.0
idv Kvadur solves quadratic equaitions. The full proccess of solving is displayed. You can run this program on any platform, that supports javascript (PC, PDA, etc.).

Advanced Converter Software 292)   Advanced Converter Software 1.0
Leading convertion program for units of measurements.

Indefinite Integrals Problem Solving Ebook Software 293)   Indefinite Integrals Problem Solving Ebook Software 1.0
indefinite integrals : learn how to solve it

Kids Tables and Time Software 294)   Kids Tables and Time Software 1.0
Times tables, tell the time and much more.

Calc 3D Pro Software 295)   Calc 3D Pro Software 1.0
Calc 3D is a collection of mathematical tools for highschool and university. The calculator can do s

Apple Math 296)   Apple Math 1
Math for kids of all ages. Also has times tables for kids.When you get the right answer you get a happy face. When it is wrong you get a sad face. Has 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.

ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 297)   ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 2.2.0
Statistical Analysis and Inference Software for Windows with Average, Mode and Variance through to Hypothesis Analysis, Time Series and Linear Regression. Includes Online Help, Tutorials, Graphs, Summaries, Import/Export and much more.

Falco Graph Builder 298)   Falco Graph Builder 2.5
Falco Graph builder for students.

Calculate Mathematical Expressions Software 299)   Calculate Mathematical Expressions Software 7.0
Evaluate math expressions with sin, square root, pi, factorial, etc.

APSW Instant Converter 300)   APSW Instant Converter 1.0
A universal conversion program that converts units from time, length, area, volume and much more. Even comes with a breeding chart most useful for animal husbandry. A very simple, intuitive, useful and nice unit conversion program.

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