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Olvio.Ecommerce for Authorize.Net 2251)   Olvio.Ecommerce for Authorize.Net 1.0
Olvio.Ecommerce is a payment processing class library for the Authorize.Net gateway. It includes all the latest features, SIM and AIM integration methods, CC and ECHECK processing, hash validation, response stream reader and more.

PopularityChecker 2252)   PopularityChecker 1.03
PopularityChecker is a link popularity checking program that checks URL's for Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank and the number of backlinks from other websites. You can add ANY number of URL's for the program to check and it's very easy to use!

USENET Message Poster 2003 2253)   USENET Message Poster 2003 1.1.1
Message Poster 2003 is a very advanced USENET message posting tool designed for Newsgroup owners, administrators, and moderators. It will quickly and easily allow you to post messages to all of your newsgroups, from one group to 1000 groups.

Dating Creator Software 2254)   Dating Creator Software 2.7
Our company offers you a full package for dating site development. The given program has been designed specially for easy creation of dating agency site. With the help of our program you can create your own dating site within 5 minutes...

Avarice 2255)   Avarice 1.6
Avarice is a free program that allows you to download just about anything. Based on Bottler, Avarice is a fully-skinnable multi-server IRC client that allows for simplified XDCC access.

Webetiser 2256)   Webetiser 3.1
Webetiser creates Personal Search Engines. You can use them for your homepage or CD-ROM and DVD-ROM projects, and a server isn't even necessary. Specialized tools and a flexible template concept help you to become productive in best time.

NTP Server Monitor 2257)   NTP Server Monitor 1.0.001
NTP Server Monitor allows any number of NTP time servers to be constantly monitored and also, optionally, synchronise system time.

Yaldex PopUp 4.5 2258)   Yaldex PopUp 4.5 4.5
This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program generates HTML and JavaScript code to open an URL in a new (PopUp) window. You can specify the properties of the new window, attributes (whether it is resizable, has a menu bar, a so on).

Phone and Fax Spider 2259)   Phone and Fax Spider 2.0
Phone and Fax Spider - Professional Phone and Fax extractor from the internet

SkypeTransfer 2260)   SkypeTransfer 1.0
SkypeTransfer extends the basic capabilities of SkypeTM and enables you to transfer Skype calls to anyone in your Skype contact list. A great tool designed to enable Skype manual call routing.

YeahReader 2261)   YeahReader 2.23
YeahReader is a free program for reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats, and podcasts. Although quite functional, YeahReader is one of the easiest news readers to use. Stop wasting time, download YeahReader right now!

TIMER(pulses in seconds) 2262)   TIMER(pulses in seconds) 4.0.0
Timing software for home automation, to control irrigation, hydroponics, lights etc. This is a program that enables the PC to connect to the outside world, by using the printer port LPT1.

FlashCam 2263)   FlashCam 1.1
FlashCam is Windows desktop application that could easily share you webcam over the internet. It includes latest video and audio transfer technologies. Mpeg-4 video encoding algorithm with MP3 audio encoding technology gives perfect video speed.

NetSet 2264)   NetSet 1.2.1
NetSet saves you valuable time by automating your network setting configuration.

Remote Control Internet Edtion 2265)   Remote Control Internet Edtion 2.0
A remote control solution designed for the Internet. Easily control machines across your LAN, or across the world

Grandstream GXP-2010 2266)   Grandstream GXP-2010 IP-Telefone
The professional phone at a low price The Grand GXP-2010 is the big brother of the Grand GXP-2000 and offers a variety Business optic new functions, the GXP-2010 for professional VoIP SIP phone with innovative technologies, etc.

z/Scope Classic 2267)   z/Scope Classic 6.0
z/Scope Classic is a SSL/SSH enabled multi-session terminal emulator for accessing AS/400 iSeries, IBM Mainframes and UNIX hosts under Windows platforms. z/Scope is solid, fast, secure, inexpensive and provides users with state-of-the-art interfaces

Extract Data & Text From Multiple Web Sites Software 2268)   Extract Data & Text From Multiple Web Sites Software 7.0
Extract the text you want from the web. Extract from multiple sites at once. Extract lines from a web site that contains or does not contain certain characters. Extract text between two characters repeatedly throughout the site.

IP Country Lookup 2269)   IP Country Lookup 1.0
IP Country Lookup is a free application for Windows that lets you lookup the country associated with an IP address or hostname.

History Shredder For Windows 2270)   History Shredder For Windows
Deleted files are the first thing hackers, privacy thieves, and other computer experts look for when they are trying to recover sensitive information from your computer or discarded disks. Also, employers routinely search for 'deleted' files.

FireDaemon Trinity 2271)   FireDaemon Trinity 2.4.2669
FireDaemon Trinity is an Windows Service Management platform. Trinity allows you to manage all services running on all workstations and servers across your network. Trinity also allows you to run any application as a service.

Post2Blog Express 2272)   Post2Blog Express 2.10 RC
Free desktop editor for your Blogger, Livejournal, WordPress, Typepad, Movable Type blog with images uploading support and ability to edit recent post.

Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 2273)   Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1.0
Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing lets you check to see if a given IP address or hostname is on one of up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists. Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing is provided by SpamButcher completely free of charge.

Zmeil 2274)   Zmeil 1.2
Zmeil recovers email messages from damaged databases. Supports MS Outlook (PST format), Outlook Express (.dbx format), Eudora, TheBat!, Thunderbird. Fast and easy to use.

SEOSmart Future PR 2275)   SEOSmart Future PR 1.0 started work under the best freeware package of handy SEO tools. First released tool called Future PageRank. It checks 19(!) Google data centers for PageRank and allow you watch PR dynamics for your site (or your peers site)!

FastTrackNews - Free RSS Reader 2276)   FastTrackNews - Free RSS Reader 1.0
The program uses a web feed to retrieve syndicated news given in XML-based formats (Atom, RSS, etc.), rapidly downloads news articles from various web sources in background and displays them in comfortable customizable views.

FlashCam Rebroadcasting server 2277)   FlashCam Rebroadcasting server 1.0
In this package included Rebroadcasting server for FlashCam client and set PHP scripts for user management, models management, per-minute billing, statistics.

Filipino Movies 2278)   Filipino Movies 1.0
Filipino Movies - Easy to use application, just install and double click to use. Use it to buy filipino movies, dvd filipino movies and more.

iMetaSearch 2279)   iMetaSearch 4.00
A free next-generation meta search tool that saves time and finds better results. It gathers results from the web and then analyzes them with a cutting edge method called Latent Semantic Analysis, that groups related results together using colors.

MyPlayCity Toolbar 2280)   MyPlayCity Toolbar 2.0
Toolbar is a powerful instrument for making the right choice in your search for games. It helps in selection and gives you reference to the reviews of games so that you can help you to make a selection matching your interests and expectations.

DataBriefcase 2281)   DataBriefcase 2.0
Free 5GB online data storage trial account. Conveniently access your files anywhere - at work, home, or halfway around the world - using only your browser.

zaTelnet Light 2282)   zaTelnet Light 1.4
Telnet client fro device with Microsoft Compact Framework 1.0 or 2.0.Emulate terminal VT100 (basically enough for working with Midnight Commander and others console programs). Full screen.

Internet and Computer Activity Monitoring free download 2283)   Internet and Computer Activity Monitoring free download 5.1
ActMon PRO Edition. is the popular all-round monitoring solution. It allows companies and individuals to track the use / abuse of PCs easily and invisibly. It logs keystrokes, user names, passwords, path names, access times, windows titles,

Area Code Lookup Tool 2284)   Area Code Lookup Tool 1.02
Area Code Lookup Tool - Area Codes Directory. Search by state or number. This simple program pulls up regional information, major cities, overlaying area codes and more. Download now and lookup an area code in seconds!

Paid Surveys Kit 2285)   Paid Surveys Kit 1.0
Give Me 7 minutes and I'll show You how to make $25 with My #1 Proven "Top Secret List" of over 600 Companies who are practically begging to Pay you for your Opinion - 100% Guaranteed. Get access to some of these companies now for free!

PAL  KeyLog Pro 2004 2286)   PAL KeyLog Pro 2004 1.0
PAL KeyLo will automatically record everything your spouse or, children do online.

Girafa Toolbar 2287)   Girafa Toolbar 2.12
The Girafa Toolbar is a free visual web search companion and favorites manager, that displays thumbnail sized images of your search results and favorite websites.

Snapshotter Pro 2288)   Snapshotter Pro 1.00
Snapshotter Pro is a Windows program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites and convert html or text files to images. It is a visual interface for easy management and watching.

Fax Router 2289)   Fax Router 1.01
Fax Router efficiently distributes faxes by email, to a printer or a file folder. A folder is monitored for incoming faxes, when a fax arrives a user quickly cycles through them, entering a shortcut that applies rules to the delivery of the fax.

Rozmic Mobile Messenger 2290)   Rozmic Mobile Messenger 0.1
Rozmic Mobile IM allows secure, mobile and audited IM.

AdvertisingCleaner Software 2291)   AdvertisingCleaner Software 1.0
The ultimate fighter against popups, advertising, banners and spyware

Toolfish Utility Suite Software 2292)   Toolfish Utility Suite Software 1.0
A 19-in-one talking tray application that will make your life easier.

Surf Assistant Software 2293)   Surf Assistant Software 1.0
Save your favorite sites with one click! Sort 4 ways! Never lose a web link!

AntiPop Software 2294)   AntiPop Software 1.0
A utility that eliminates pop-up ads when surfing the internet.

Media Search Software 2295)   Media Search Software 1.0
Media Search 3.0 - A New-generation Internet Media Search Software

Auction Aux Software 2296)   Auction Aux Software 1.0
A powerful bid sniper and integrated Internet Explorer plugin for eBay.

FreePicGrabber Software 2297)   FreePicGrabber Software 1.0
A photo search and download utility, with Internet Explorer integration, slide shows, and more.

MySQL for Outlook Express 2298)   MySQL for Outlook Express
MySQL for Outlook Express allows users to Download, Upload and Report E-mails instantly with a MySQL Database. Works with Outlook Express and Vista Mail! Select independent E-mails to Upload and avoid dbx entire file backups. SSL Secure Ready

ServerTalk 2299)   ServerTalk 1.0
ServerTalk lets you communicate directly with an open TCP or UDP port on a machine. It is similar to a graphical Telnet client, but lets you pick the port, and lets you use TCP or UDP. ServerTalk is FREEWARE. Installer Included.

Inmate Search Tool 2300)   Inmate Search Tool 1.12
Inmate Search - Locate Prisoner Records. Search Federal & State/County Prisons. This powerful tool provides access to federal & state inmate databases. Find inmates, and find out if someone has been to jail! Download right now to start your search!

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