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All Search Toolbar 401)   All Search Toolbar 1.0
Search toolbar for Internet Explorer that searches Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and eBay. Plus, the All Search Toolbar includes privacy features, a pop-up blocker, access to current coupons and shopping specials, and one-click access to popular sites.

SoftSearch 402)   SoftSearch 1.4
Easy way to search software! Ligthweight IE toolbar. Just type software title and get link.

Pluck 403)   Pluck 1.0RC3
Pluck: The Personal Web Information Center. RSS reader and feed directory. Perch (persistently search) Google, eBay, Amazon, news sites, blogs. Publish folders to the Internet. Synchronize folders, feeds and bookmarks across your home and work PCs.

History Search 404)   History Search 1.10
eTopping History Search is a local search engine, it searches in the content of recently visited sites.

IE Buttons 405)   IE Buttons 1.0
IE Buttons adds Custom Buttons to Internet Explorer that will open your favorite and most used programs. Simply select the application, the icons (many included) and the name you want the button to show and a new button will be created.

WikiReader 406)   WikiReader 1.2
Just click and open WikiPedia articles from any Windows application! Articles from WikiPedia are cached, enabling faster loading time and offline viewing.

Amazon toolbar 407)   Amazon toolbar 0.1
This is a toolbar to enhance your search experience at It's similar to the Firefox extensions albeit more advanced optionwise. It even contains a currency convertor. Complete dropdowncategories with all stores

NexIRC 408)   NexIRC 2.24
Team Nexgen's own IRC Client. multiple status/channels/queries, IRC Server, web browser, secure query, colored nick list, nick completor, system stats, bot features, menu editor, custom scripting system, channel proporties, auto connect, port scanner mispelt eBay search Toolbar 409) mispelt eBay search Toolbar 1.0
Searches eBay for misspelt items and provides useful eBay shortcuts and links for buying,selling and more. Every day 1000's of items are listed on eBay with misspelt or badly written titles. Also features a spware search and removal tool

ClickBank Product News 410)   ClickBank Product News 1.0
Browser toolbar for MS Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox that allows you to search in thousands of info products (ebooks, software, services) at ClickBank Marketplace as well as to track new ClickBank products on a daily basis.

Burn Fat Lose Weight Toolbar 411)   Burn Fat Lose Weight Toolbar 1.0
Do you want to learn how to lose weight and burn fat fast? Are you tried of struggling to lose weight and jumping from diet to diet? Get instant access to some of the best articles, tips and info on how to burn fat and lose weight. Download Now!

12Ghosts Toolbar 412)   12Ghosts Toolbar 8.11
Free Toolbar for IE. Fast harvesting of thumbnail galleries. Auto-Stop any dynamic page elements, such as background sounds and animations. Boss-key to hide all IE windows with one key press. Position new IE windows automatically.

Butterfly Marketing 413)   Butterfly Marketing 2.0
Butterfly Marketing Review From An Official Member! <a href="">Butterfly Marketing</a>

Residual Income 414)   Residual Income
Residual Income.Make money online over & over again, Weekly or monthly.Start an online business and work from home. Spend more time with the kids and earn at the same time.Use the additional money to pay off debts and loans.

SoftCrown Firefox Search Plugin 415)   SoftCrown Firefox Search Plugin 1.00
Search for latest freeware and shareware software downloads.

Blue kill ads 416)   Blue kill ads 3.6
NoAds stops Internet popup ads from getting in the way of your web surfing. NoAds is fully configurable, allowing you to specify which ads you want to be destroyed automatically.

Pop-Up Stopper Professional Software 417)   Pop-Up Stopper Professional Software 1.0
The only Ad blocker to block ads in AOL, MSN and every browser.

Bulls Eye Sports Toolbar for IE 418)   Bulls Eye Sports Toolbar for IE
Bulls Eye offers the best sports toolbar on the web. Has professional sports content from the internets leading sport authorities. Get the latest sports news, scores, videos, search sports authorities, webmaster tool, babes of sports, and much more.

DStoolbar 419)   DStoolbar 1.0
DStoolbar is a simple, very effective pop-up blocker. It automatically blocks pop-ups and also lets you allow pop-ups on certain websites if you choose. It also comes with an inbuilt Google search bar, so that you can search google anywhere.

Daylight Desk Lamp 420)   Daylight Desk Lamp 1.0
A Daylight Desk Lamp Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Get the best in TV Advice Services.

swc.exe 421)   swc.exe 2.0
<a href="">Seattle Window Cleaning</a><a href="">Seattle Gutter Cleaning</a><a href="">Seattle Window Washing</a>

Help For Troubled Teens 422)   Help For Troubled Teens 1.0
Easy to use Internet Explorer toolbar for troubled teenagers and their guardians. Helps in finding useful information and resources like blogs and websites for people needing help with troubled teenagers that are in their care.

Free Public Records Search 423)   Free Public Records Search 1.0
Free public records search toolbar for internet explorer. Find free public records online and other public records resources.

Maverick Money Makers 424)   Maverick Money Makers 1.0
Maverick Money Makers Mack Michaels - Review Site

YouTube MP3 Downloader PRO 425)   YouTube MP3 Downloader PRO 2.0
YouTube MP3 Downloader saves/converts video in MP3 format. The program functions within two browsers: Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. To work efficiently YouTube MP3 Downloader does not require considerable system resources.

the seeker 426)   the seeker 0.7.5
The worlds FIRST and BEST Web productivity application for Windows. Search multiple search engines, Movies, Weather, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, send FREE SMS messages, shop, and check Stocks all from ONE application!

SimLD Lite 427)   SimLD Lite 1.01
This locked browser is ideal for use for common access PC's where limited or restricted internet usage is provided for users in places such as retail, libraries, banks, hospitals and clinics as well as universities and schools.

Headlines MDI 428)   Headlines MDI 3.65
Headlines MDI is a GRML, CSV, and text delimited file and web browser. It uses a list box to display file and web pages. It supports (hyper-)linking, thumbnails, and input controls. There is a workspace, workspace explorer, and navigation history.

FireFox Okapiland Plugin 429)   FireFox Okapiland Plugin 2.5
Firefox Okapiland Plugin is Yahoo search in Composite Page Mode (YahooCPM) that displays linked pages themselves in addition to hyperlinks. Firefox Okapiland Plugin is added as one of search plugins in FireFox Search Bar.

Anonymity Shield 430)   Anonymity Shield 2.8
Anonymity Shield hides your IP address and prevents unauthorized access to your computer through the Internet.

FireFox Okapiland Search Toolbar 431)   FireFox Okapiland Search Toolbar 2.5
Firefox Okapiland Search Toolbar (Firefox Okapibar) is Internet search in Composite Page Mode (CPM) that displays linked pages themselves in addition to hyperlinks.

NetJaxer2 432)   NetJaxer2 2.0
Web 2.0 program launcher and categorized directory of 100's of Web 2.0 application sites.

Surfingcash 433)   Surfingcash 1.1.1
Surfingcash by SurfcashSoft is great for helping you make money or gain cash online. You easily manage lots of websites. protect your information.

Portable Bookmarks 434)   Portable Bookmarks
Portable Bookmarks is a compact, mobile and browser-independent bookmark manager, that allows you to attach it to any computer via a removable device. It also provides useful tools to manage your database protecting it with a password.

Media Mall Toolbar 435)   Media Mall Toolbar
advanced 1-click system toolbar for funny online games and TV , radio channels , shopping offers and discounts in popular online malls also get free gifts offers.Must See

Link Commander Lite Software 436)   Link Commander Lite Software 1.0
Keep all your bookmarks in the same browser-independent collection

Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys 437)   Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys 2.0
Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys<a href="">Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys</a>

Legitimate Home Based Business 438)   Legitimate Home Based Business 2.0
Legitimate Home Based Business <a href="">Legitimate Home Based Business</a>

ieSnapshotter 439)   ieSnapshotter 1.00
ieSnapshotter is a Plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages and convert html or any files to images. Anything you can view with internet explorer you can take a snapshot for it.

Link Commander Software 440)   Link Commander Software 1.0
Put your bookmarks in order !

Website Ripper Copier Software 441)   Website Ripper Copier Software 1.0
This is the most fully-featured high-speed tool for getting Web data!

Popup Ad Filter Software 442)   Popup Ad Filter Software 1.0
Block 100 annoying popup ads automatically Save time and band-width Try

Popup Video! By Wyka-Warzecha Software 443)   Popup Video! By Wyka-Warzecha Software 1.0
Add amazing pop-ups to your website (like cartoon popups menus)

Power Search Tool 444)   Power Search Tool 1.0
Radically Improve Your Search Experience! No more wasting time going through pages and pages of search results. Find Exactly what you are searching for fast. Power Search Tool enables you to target your searches with a simple click!

Snap Shots Add-On for Firefox 445)   Snap Shots Add-On for Firefox 1.2
Put Snap Shots, the most popular website upgrade in the world, on your favorite search engines, social networks, Amazon, and Wikipedia. Snap Shots Add-On for Firefox turns ordinary links into inline videos, photo albums, summaries, and stock charts.

BST Toolbar 446)   BST Toolbar 4.5
BST Toolbar is the easiest way to ensure your computer security while browsing the Internet, or reading emails. We offer you daily security news, tips and tools about: Adware, Spyware, Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Linux, Windows and Security Incidents.

MetaProducts Picture Downloader 447)   MetaProducts Picture Downloader 1.0
Tool to search, view, download and manage pictures and media files (video, audio) from the web easily. It is useful for digital artists, photographers, webmasters, etc to get images without the need to save them to your disk manually one-by-one.

Best Flat Screen TV 448)   Best Flat Screen TV 1.0
A Best Flat Screen TV Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find the Best Flat Screen TV's around with Independent Advice.

Smoky Mountain Cabins 2 449)   Smoky Mountain Cabins 2 1.0
A Smoky Mountain Cabins Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox. Get the best in Smoky Mountain Cabins Online.

Addiction Recovery 450)   Addiction Recovery 1.0
An Addiction Recovery Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Get the best in Healthcare advice

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