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AXIGEN Mail Server Business Edition 901)   AXIGEN Mail Server Business Edition 7.1.3
AXIGEN Mail Server is a complete messaging solution for Linux, BSD, Solaris; offers (E)SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Webmail services, List Server, Personal Organizer, enhanced security features, centralized Web/CLI Admin and FREE technical support.

Fast Email Autoresponder 902)   Fast Email Autoresponder 1.2
Fast Email Autoresponder is is a powerful solution to send automated replies and follow-up letters. FEA can work with multiple POP3 internet mailboxes, filter incoming messages by different conditions

Fast Email Verifier 903)   Fast Email Verifier 2.0
Fast Email Verifier quickly and easily verifies email addresses in databases, address books, spreadsheets or any other mailing list. The product is based on the latest .Net technology and can find approximately 85% of your dead email addresses.

OptOut Manager 904)   OptOut Manager 2.0
OptOutManager is an email processor and autoresponder that allows you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 mailbox sorting it as required and performing manipulation with it.

E-mail Management Server 905)   E-mail Management Server 2006
E-mail Management Server allows administrators to move, copy, delete or archive messages and attachments based on content, age, location, type and size. All administration is performed through easy to understand and use step by step wizards.

Smart Mail Checker 906)   Smart Mail Checker 1.11
Smart Mail Checker will notify you about a new incoming important message.

Cosmic Mailer 907)   Cosmic Mailer 1.01
Cosmic Mailer is an anonymous Email sending software,by which a user can send Emails directly from computer, no matter the From email id exists or not.

Pocket SpamFilter 908)   Pocket SpamFilter
Pocket SpamFilter is the PPC 2002, WM 2003/SE/WM5/WM6 application that helps you keep your email account free of spam. Reduce your bandwidth usage by inspecting your email account before downloading. Powerful email filtering.

Laplink PDAsync 909)   Laplink PDAsync 4
Synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar appointments, notes, tasks, and more between your PDA and PC. Includes synchronization for popular desktop software such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Novell Groupwise and ACT! 2000.

cMail eXpress 910)   cMail eXpress 1.2.0
cMail eXpress is a Windows application that can be used as a simple e-mail checker program with multiple notification options, or as a full-blown, highly customizable e-mail client

MyLiveSignature 911)   MyLiveSignature 1.00
Every time you send an e-mail you place your signature at its bottom. Would you like to make this signature look less impersonal? MyLiveSignature.com will help you make your email signature the ultimate expression of your personality!

Bit Faster 912)   Bit Faster 1.0
Bit Faster is a full-fledged Contact Management and Group Messaging software. Whether you are looking at serious email marketing for your business or simply to send messages or greetings to your friends, Bit Faster provides all the necessary tools.

Skymol Voice and Video Mail Software 913)   Skymol Voice and Video Mail Software 1.0
Skymol Voice & Video Mail with E-mail allows your customers and web site visitors to leave your business voice mail, voice/video mail, and text mail messages. It is easy to use with no software downloads or without setting any hardware equipments.

Atomic E-Mail Verifier 914)   Atomic E-Mail Verifier 4.11
Atomic Mail Verifier is a unique program that checks email addresses for the validity. Unlike other email verification programs, our verifier uses three levels of verification to ensure you will not lose any valid addresses.

AXIGEN Mail Server ISP/HSP Edition 915)   AXIGEN Mail Server ISP/HSP Edition 4.0.2
AXIGEN is a secure mail server, available for Linux, for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and for Solaris providing integrated mail services. AXIGEN offers centralized Web/CLI Admin and FREE technical support with flexible licensing.

Newsletter 916)   Newsletter 1.6
Newsletter and advert e-mail creator for the regular guy. The "Professional e-mail newsletter for dummies". Don't waste your valuable time, use E-Fisher Newsletter to create and send HTML e-mail newsletters. Includes everything from template to send.

Emailsmartz E-mail Generator 917)   Emailsmartz E-mail Generator 1.01
Email generator easy tool to generate bulk email addresses from mail servers. Download email generator to create email lists for email marketing or advertising campaign. Free downloads available.

Calendars Software 918)   Calendars Software 2.0
Calendar creator software that allows you to create professional calendars for free. You can purchase a full version which has extra features. But basically, you can use it for churches, it is downloadable (for downloadable calendars), make calendar

TalkMail 919)   TalkMail 1.0
Fully featured high fidelity voice email client. Works with your email address. Easy to use. Free to try. Voice emails can be played back on any PC, portable mp3 player devices or many cell phones. Commercial licenses available.

debt-consolidation-companies-email-scram 920)   debt-consolidation-companies-email-scram 1.25
Are you fed up with all the junk email you get?, want to reduce the ever increasing tide of spam? Now you can, email scramble hides your email address so email harvesting robots can't find it in your page.

debt-settlement-with-creditor-mail-man 921)   debt-settlement-with-creditor-mail-man 1.05
Allows you to easily generate a subscribe/unsubscribe form with the click of a mouse. It then creates the complete file already embedded in HTML ready to put on the web and start building your massive list.

credit-card-settlement-email-auto 922)   credit-card-settlement-email-auto 1.15
save time by automating your emails, software save you 1700% on replying to your customers emails, auto answer and filter responses, spend time doing other important tasks on your web business

E-Mail Election 923)   E-Mail Election 4.3
Setup your own election for Town Mayor, Class President, Cheerleader, PTA Chairperson, Tribal Council, Church Council Candidates, Astronomy Club Leader, or any kind of election you like.

Clyton 924)   Clyton 1.4
Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features. Although priced for the general public, Clyton possesses the reliability and security required by businesses.

MailOut 925)   MailOut 10.2.4
Tool for Serial Emails and Email Marketing. Create newsletters, Send newsletter, Create serial emails and send serial emails.

Atomic Mail Sender 926)   Atomic Mail Sender 5.15
Save your time and money! Send thousands of messages a minute using this unique corporate broadcast and business-to-customer communication software. Edit and send HTML or plain text messages to unlimited number of recipients using Atomic Mail Sender!

Advanced Eudora Recovery 927)   Advanced Eudora Recovery 1.1
Recover deleted ,corrupt or lost emails in eudora, can recover deleted items even if they have been cleared from the deleted items folder . Searches file structure to find all files to recover from or can add manually.

E-Mail Server 928)   E-Mail Server 5.2
Robust and secure SMTP/POP3 server. Easy to set up and very intuitive to use. Lots of security and anti spam features. Multiple SMTP gateways for messages that cannot be delivered directly. Mass mailing with sophisticated macro substitution.

Star Email Marketing 929)   Star Email Marketing 7.25
Direct marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful bulk email marketing software solution.

Mail Commander Home 930)   Mail Commander Home 10.2
Mail Commander Home is a portable full-featured and fast e-mail client with user-friendly interface. You can use relative folders for attachments, email databases and run program from removable storage device such as a USB flash drive.

Email Hun 2in1-A 931)   Email Hun 2in1-A 7.101
bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop

Email Commander 932)   Email Commander 8.60
E-mail Commander is a portable email client that does not require any kind of formal installation onto a computer's permanent storage device to be executed, and can be stored on a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive (see usbspace.com)

Spam Bully 4 for Outlook Express 933)   Spam Bully 4 for Outlook Express
Outlook Express Bayesian spam filter. Allow/Block list. Bounce spam back to spammers. Report spammers. Forward only good email to your cellphone. Auto delete spam. Challenge emails. Stats. Convert the toolbar into your own language. Customizable.

Hope Mailer Personal Edition 934)   Hope Mailer Personal Edition 1.32
Hope Mailer is a professional personalized newsletter and email marketing, publishing and tracking service provider software for Windows.

Podmailer 935)   Podmailer 0.8.2
Podmailer is the ultimate supersize e-mail attachment software for Windows and Mac: this free software enables you to send files of any size with your existing e-mail account.

Notes to PST Conversion 936)   Notes to PST Conversion 8.12.01
Migrate unlimited Notes .NSF files to Outlook .PST file format using prolific and professional Notes to Outlook email conversion software.

PowerMailer 937)   PowerMailer 1.0
Das perfekte Online-Marketing-Tool PowerMailer unterstützt Sie bei SerienMails und Newslettern. Nutzen Sie die ausgereifte Technologie um effizent und werbewirksam Ihre Produkte / Dienstleistungen einem breiten Klientel zu präsentieren.

LoneMail Suite 2006 938)   LoneMail Suite 2006 1.00
a software package that is specifically designed to help you collect business contacts e-mails from the web and local files automatically. Also, it helps you organize these contacts in lists and verify these emails, making sure they’re all valid

Exclaimer Email Archiver 939)   Exclaimer Email Archiver 2.0
Built for Microsoft Exchange environments, Email Archiver is a robust customizable archiving tool that scales from one server to global corporations. Designed for companies with requirements for recovery, compliance and monitoring of email.

GERTES(R) Outlook Add-in 940)   GERTES(R) Outlook Add-in 2010-2007
Visit www.gertes.com to turbo-boost your email efficiency with GERTES(R) Global Email Response-Time Expectation System. Set expected response-times. For Outlook and other email systems. For home use only. For business/other use, go to www.gertes.com

BeyondResponse 941)   BeyondResponse 3.5
An opt-in and opt-out email list management tool, BeyondResponse can be used in a large array of applications. You can use it to provide instant product delivery to your eBay and Clickbank customers, plus manage mass sending for product updates.

Anonyproxymailer 942)   Anonyproxymailer 2.0
web-based bulk mailer application which allows you to send bulk emails from a web server with the use of multiple proxies and SMTP servers for complete anonymous bulk mailing needs.

Subscription Mailer 943)   Subscription Mailer 1.0
When you keep maillist on the site and want to send newsletters that is very important to keep tracking who really received your message. This useful mailing software has unique feature of tracking who, when and where 100% read your email.

Outlook Email Backup 944)   Outlook Email Backup
Compress & Backup email files for easy restoral in Outlook, Outlook Express, & Windows Mail Vista). Backup your Favorites settings from Internet Explorer. Easy. Backup to your computer or to remote storage. Restore with just a couple quick clicks.

CTAddress Extractor 945)   CTAddress Extractor 1.10
CTAddress Extractor is to extract e-mail addresses and owner's names from the Microsoft Outlook folders to make e-mails list.

Email Manager 946)   Email Manager 2.0.1
The ideal tool to start your business. Free trial software to generate clients in a few clicks. Newsletter mailing software for bulk marketing and advertising, email address generation, editor for attractive email body’s and many other all in one.

Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook 947)   Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook 1.7
Auto BCC / CC for Microsoft Outlook is an email add-in that automatically adds BCC and/or CC recipients to your email messages basing on simple rules created by you. Supports Outlook 2003, 2002, 2000.

Email Marketing Courier for Mac 948)   Email Marketing Courier for Mac 3.5
This is a mac software for targeted bulk email marketing and personalized mass mailing using multiple mailing lists and plain-text or HTML message templates. It uses multiple SMTP accounts, sending throttling and schedule to mass-send email messages.

5star Mail Server 949)   5star Mail Server 2.3
5star SMTP/POP3 EMail Server with tons of features, such mailing lists, anti-spam, multiple SMTP gateways, security, compatibility with any email program. Can be used a dedicated mail server, or as a personal local SMTP server.

AA Mail Server Software 950)   AA Mail Server Software 2.21
<a href="http://www.aamailsoft.com/">AA Mail Server Software</a> is powerful enterprise level email server software, supports 10~20000+ users with each 2G+ mailbox, includes SMTP/POP3, anti-spam, email monitoring, UTF-8 Webmail, SQL-support etc.

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