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Advanced Invisible Keylogger Pro 151)   Advanced Invisible Keylogger Pro
Advanced Invisible Keylogger Pro: the most powerful stealth spy software offered by ToolAnywhere! Advanced Invisible Keylogger Pro runs silently at the lowest level of Windows capturing every keystroke typed including usernames and Windows log-on pas

Email Spy Monitor 2010 152)   Email Spy Monitor 2010 7.19
Email Spy Monitor spy software secretly monitors and records all emails opened in popular email clients. It runs in an invisible mode. You can check all recorded messages by simply receiving emails or opening a web page.

Pandora PC Detective Web Spy 153)   Pandora PC Detective Web Spy 2007
Record all secret passwords and take snapshots of the websites visited, emails sent and received, Instant Messages sent and received, Chat room conversions and other computer and Internet activity that is done on your PC. Easy, VCR-like playback.

Snappy Spy 154)   Snappy Spy
Computer Keylogger Spy & Internet Monitoring Software Program. Secretly Monitor & Record: Keystrokes, Screenshots, Email, Instant Messenging, Chatting, Websites Visited, Passwords & Usernames, Programs Run and much more... Windows 7, Vista, XP

PCSentinel Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More! 155)   PCSentinel Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More! 2.3.0
Now with Free Web Access to log files! Internet monitoring & parental control software makes it easy to protect children when they go online. Secretly records Web Sites, Keystrokes, Apps Used and even takes Screen Shots.

Internet Chat Monitor ICQ 156)   Internet Chat Monitor ICQ 1.2
ICQ Sniffer is a handy network utility to capture and log ICQ chat from computers within the same LAN. It supports messaging through ICQ server with format of plain text, RTF, or HTML. All intercepted messages are well organized by user with buddies.

Active Keylogger 157)   Active Keylogger
See what happens on your PC when you're away. Protect your kids or catch cheating spouses by logging chats and instant messenger conversations. Email or FTP the results automatically to anywhere in the world with Active Keylogger.

FusionDesk Pro 158)   FusionDesk Pro 1.0
FusionDesk is lightweight project management and time tracking software for individuals and small teams. It offers advanced functionality hidden behind a simple and elegant user interface.

Keyboard Monitoring Tool 159)   Keyboard Monitoring Tool 5.0.1
Keyboard monitoring software monitor laptop pc keyboard activities secretly record pressed keystrokes email account passwords instant messages voice chat conversation information. keystroke recording software recover unsaved keyboard typed data

Inside Chat Spy 160)   Inside Chat Spy 1.9
Inside Chat Spy is an easy to use application that stealthily monitors and records both sides of chat conversations that took place on a computer.

BlazingTools Secure Office 161)   BlazingTools Secure Office 1.1
Secure Office is an affordable and compact monitoring solution, designed for local networks. It captures keystrokes typed, websites visited, chats from all popular instant messengers and makes screenshots. All user logs are stored on the admin's PC.

Advance Keylogging Software 162)   Advance Keylogging Software
Advance invisible keylogger is used to log all keystrokes and record clip board entries and visited websites. Windows keylogging software track and record your employees email password messenger chat activities and captures screenshot periodically.

honestech Video Patrol French 163)   honestech Video Patrol French 5.0
Le Video Patrol 5.0 de honestech vous offre une solution de surveillance vidéo personnelle complète.

ICQ Spy Monitor 2010 164)   ICQ Spy Monitor 2010 8.3
Spy all version ICQ IM chatting records. Spy employees, children and spouse chatting on ICQ in stealth mode.Send reports to a set email address. Use hotkey to activate it from stealth mode and protect programaccess by password.

Computer Evicence Wiper 165)   Computer Evicence Wiper 2007.21011027
Download Computer Evidence Nuker today and run a FREE scan that will show you a listing of deleted files, emails, chat transcripts, audio and video files, temporary internet files, image files (all formats), search histories, etc.

Keyboard Activity Logger 166)   Keyboard Activity Logger
Keystroke recording software is the best computer surveillance tool to monitor user activities done on computer in your absence. Utility maintains all typed data in a secure log file which can be sent automatically to predefined email address.

Keystroke Logger Software 167)   Keystroke Logger Software 5.0.1
Key logger program record secretly keyboard typed text email id passwords web urls chat conversion voice chat conversations and invisible keylogger surveillance tool capture screenshot or snapshots periodically at regular interval of time

Keyboard Key Logger 168)   Keyboard Key Logger
Key logger software easily capture entire internet related online /offline activity record like chat conversation, emails etc. Keyboard monitoring program provides facility to prevent unauthorized user to access secure software configuration setting.

Unistal's Locate Laptop - Antitheft & Laptop Tracker Tool 169)   Unistal's Locate Laptop - Antitheft & Laptop Tracker Tool 1.0
Unistal’s Locate Laptop™ is an application that locates reportedly stolen laptop from the World Wide Web. It can also silently inform you about the location of your employee's laptop! Locate Laptop resides and operates in stealth mode.

Qwerty Studio MOD Keylogger 1 170)   Qwerty Studio MOD Keylogger 1 1.00
Qwerty Studio MOD Keylogger 1 is stable and fast key logger with awesome capabilities and an exceedingly low price. With it, you can: Get total control over your PC. Put the keylogger in invisible mode. Capture passwords and logins.

Phrase Password Generator 171)   Phrase Password Generator 1.0
This tiny utility allows you convert your unique phrase to a secure password. It is simple solution of "hard-to-remember safe password" problem. You just need remember your easy-to-remember phrase.

iMonitorPC Enterprise 172)   iMonitorPC Enterprise 3.3.0
iMonitorPC is the most easy-to-use tool to monitor and record all system usage secretly, such as all applications loaded, Internet chats, web sites visited.It includes selective website blocking, activity reports, screen shots, program usage limits.

Hidetools Child Control 173)   Hidetools Child Control 4.95
Control your child's computer usage: restrict access to Web sites, browsers, messengers, games, programs, files and folders, protect from adult Internet and monitor unwanted PC activities.

PC Spy Monitor 2010 174)   PC Spy Monitor 2010 9.4
PC Spy Monitor secrectly records all chats, instant messages, keystrokes, screenshots, websites visited, windows opened, programs run, passwords, emails and more. Set hotkey and password. Send logs to a preset email.

Key Logging Software 175)   Key Logging Software 5.0.1
Invisible keylogger keystroke recorder key logging software secretly records characters that are typed on the keyboard and user emails id password chat conversation messages track kids employee and capture screenshot and snapshot like hidden camera.

Mobile Inspector Program 176)   Mobile Inspector Program
Freeware mobile phone analyzer software helps to display useful details about windows cell phone like phonebook, SMS, messages, battery status, signal quality etc. Mobile inspector program gathers complete information from phone and sim card memory.

Vista Keylogger 177)   Vista Keylogger
Keystroke monitoring software records every necessary and unnecessary change made on your system by any external user in your absence. Computer surveillance utility captures visited website URL, email ID, usernames, password and typed documents.

Windows Vista Keylogger 178)   Windows Vista Keylogger
Keystroke tracker software perform its monitoring operation in hidden mode, records all keystrokes like user name, passwords, active window text, forms, visited URLs and other keyboard typing activities into log files. Tool supports windows OS.

Cell Phone Investigation Software 179)   Cell Phone Investigation Software
Smart phone inspector software gather complete detail of mobile phone like MISI, MIEI, memory status, model number, phonebook, SMS status and manufacture name. Software is available with VC++ source code for developer.

Key Logger Software 180)   Key Logger Software
Keystroke monitoring software monitors all activities such as chatting, emailing, visit website and all type of keys pressed using keyboard. Utility keep traces of spouse or employee activities, keystrokes and store all information in a text file.

Remote Keystroke logger 181)   Remote Keystroke logger
Keystrokes recording software records all typed keystrokes, chat conversation, incoming or outgoing emails, visited URLs and saved them into the hidden log file. Invisible keylogger tool captures the screenshots and generates report of recorded data.

SpyPal Free Edition 2010 182)   SpyPal Free Edition 2010 1.0
SpyPal Free Edition secrectly logs keystrokes, websites visited, windows opened and applications executed. It records all keystrokes, the time they were made and the application where they were entered. User-friendly control panel.

Remote Computer Spy Software 183)   Remote Computer Spy Software
Advance keylogger program captures all keyboard activities including copy paste content, active or inactive Windows application, internet cookies and browsed web pages. Advance keylogger tool captures Windows screenshots at regular time interval.

SpyPal Windows Spy 2010 184)   SpyPal Windows Spy 2010 8.2
SpyPal Windows Spy secrectly logs keystrokes, screenshots, websites visited, windows opened, applications, MSN IM, ICQ, AIM,Yahoo! IM, Skype, clipboard, passwords, emails, documents and more. Auto send logs to a preset email.

Keystrokes Monitor Software 185)   Keystrokes Monitor Software
Keystroke logger software is used to know about every typed text on your computer. Keyboard recorder application automatically generates logs file which contain the whole activity occurred on your computer and send it to specified e-mail address.

Keystrokes Recorder Tool 186)   Keystrokes Recorder Tool
Family key logger software records URLs, internet web pages, chat and file transferred, other programs running on system. Invisible key logger software runs in hidden mode, only authenticated user can have privilege to access this tool.

PDA Investigation software 187)   PDA Investigation software
PC forensics investigator software checks personal digital assistance (PDA) software and hardware information. PDA surveillance application retrieve data of smart phone such as registry records, saved SMS, contact numbers, model number etc.

Advance Keystrokes Recorder 188)   Advance Keystrokes Recorder
System monitoring utility saves captured screenshots, keystrokes and all other human actions performed on personal computer in your absence. Parental monitoring tool maintains activities records in hidden encrypted log file.

PDA Mobile Forensic Software 189)   PDA Mobile Forensic Software
PDA surveillance software examines pocket pc cell phone through USB port and extracts information including manufacturer name, serial IMEI number, subscriber number, files records, operating system registry records, database and phone information.

Advance Keyboard Monitor Software 190)   Advance Keyboard Monitor Software
Professional keyboard monitoring tool records every keystrokes, chat conversation and web browsers activities. Keystroke monitoring software take screen shots of all opened and closed programs which were done on your computer system in your absence.

Professional Keylogger 191)   Professional Keylogger
Keyboard tracker software runs invisibly in system background and watch out computer in your absence by recording all typed keystrokes, URLs, emails, password, visited websites, chat conversation and other desktop activities into the hidden log file.

Cell Phone Inspection Software 192)   Cell Phone Inspection Software
Cell phone examiner gathers information about mobile such as IMEI number, messages, IMSI number, manufacturer name and mobile model number and saves for future use. Mobile phone investigator tool supports all PDA, Pocket PC and Smart Phone devices.

Pocket PC Forensics Tool 193)   Pocket PC Forensics Tool
Pocket PC examination software describe entire details including mobile model number, manufacture information, memory status, dialed number, call history with registry and database record of any PDA, handheld PC or other windows based mobile phone.

Keystrokes Monitoring Software 194)   Keystrokes Monitoring Software 5.0.1
Keylogger keyboard monitoring tool records keystrokes email account ID passwords computer user keyboard activities microphone sound chat messages data and secretly records characters that are typed on keyboard keystroke logging and email recording.

Pocket PC Investigation Tool 195)   Pocket PC Investigation Tool
Pocket PC investigation tool extracts hardware and software details from PDA devices, windows mobile phone. Mobile phone monitoring program generates report and supports to all windows multimedia cell phones like Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG, Nokia.

Remote Keystrokes Recorder 196)   Remote Keystrokes Recorder
Keyboard monitoring application captures windows screenshots, typed URL and monitors all keyboard typed characters. Keystroke recording utility records multiple user activities into hidden encrypted log file and invisibly send at specified email id.

Keylogging Program 197)   Keylogging Program
Keylogger software benefits you by regularly capturing keyboard related events of your employees, spouse or kids in your absence. Keyboard tracking tool monitors and saves every keystroke entered on your PC in password protected encrypted log files.

Pocket PC Forensic Program 198)   Pocket PC Forensic Program
Pocket PC monitoring utility provides accurate report on PDA OS registry, used hardware, software and contact number of phone book, IMSI number and mobile manufacturer details etc and save all information in a safe location of hard drive.

PCPeeper 199)   PCPeeper 2.01
An all-in-one computer monitoring solution. It allows you to secretly monitor and record all activities on your computer. A powerful tool for you to monitor employees, children, spouse, and so on.

Keyboard Monitor Program 200)   Keyboard Monitor Program
Keyboard monitor program records emails, chat history, instant messages, URL list and related document files. Keystroke capture utility invisibly runs in desktop background and undetectable in control panel, system startup and task manager etc.

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