Knowledgebase - Free Download of Related Softwares

KnowledgeBase Deluxe 1)   KnowledgeBase Deluxe 2.5
KnowledgeBase software for Windows: database management system with ready to use KB database solutions.

Responsive Knowledgebase 2)   Responsive Knowledgebase 1.01
RKB is a helpdesk tool that allows you to record solutions to problems and search for those solutions in the future. When a customer calls in with a problem, you can quickly search the database and locate the solution.

TextIndexer 3)   TextIndexer 1.0
TextIndexer is a PIM, Text Editor and Internet Search Utility. TextIndexer uses an intuitive tree interface to allow hierarchical storage of information (text, picture items and other objects).

ieSupportManager 4)   ieSupportManager 1.50
Fully featured Desktop and web based helpdesk software system. Includes web interface, email notifications, email logging, knowledgebase and contract management facilities. Easy to implement and use and very competitively priced.

rapidHELP 5)   rapidHELP 2.1
rapidHELP - Your Trial Software for Call Centre, Helpdesk and Support

askSam 6)   askSam 6.0
Oganize, search, and manage your information with askSam. askSam is a flexible and powerful way to organize information and create searchable databases from Web pages, Email, PDF files, texts, and Word documents.

ExEntryC's Junior (knowledgebase) 7)   ExEntryC's Junior (knowledgebase) v3.6
A knowledgebase is a place where you can store all kinds of information, your knowledge. Powerful search-, sort- and filter functions must be available. ExEntryC's Junior offers you all these functions and more.

General Knowledge Base 8)   General Knowledge Base 2.4
Create knowledge base substantiated on any category of documents. An optimal tool for categorizing, processing and finding articles, documents and web pages which allows user to keep documents systemized, to add notes and attachments.

KM Navigator 9)   KM Navigator 3.1
Generate sales leads, qualify leads, build favourites list and build powerfull Knowledgebase on topics of your interest from the internet.

HelpdeskCustomerSupport 10)   HelpdeskCustomerSupport helpdeskin
HelpdeskCustomerSupport web-based HelpDesk Customer Support FAQ knowledge base Trouble ticket software for your website. Install on your domain in minutes and make your customer support task easier.

PatchBase 11)   PatchBase 1.6
Your personal software knowledgebase. Organize all your installed software's related info (as example, key codes, install/deinstall notes, patches data, patch-utility, upgrades and mode) into tree-like database with many capabilities.

Whaddidoo Trouble Tracker 12)   Whaddidoo Trouble Tracker 1.51

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