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MouseGestures - hold down right mouse button and draw;

Track the movement of the mouse in the browser window;
Provide actions for the most common mouse gestures;

PopUpKill3r - the ultimate popup killing machine; will stop popups as you surf the net but will not interfear your normal browsing as other popup ad stopper software. Test your PopUp Killer here

Blocks 99% of annoying PopUp Ads;
Does not interfere with legitimate windows;
Maintains a history about blocked windows;
One click enable/disable from IExplorer context menu or by holding down a key;
Optionally play sound when popup is killed;

Other Features

Skins for Internet Explorer;
Internet Explorer context menu integration;also in Tools menu;
Disable java scripts [statusbar,contextmenu modifiers,timers,and more];
Run external scripts inside MSIE at runtime;
Skip downloading files to SpeedUp browsing;
Spy Window to see what Msie does [downloads,tag names,links,childwindows names];
Search in page or with an external search engine then Highlite searched text;With History!!
Preview page images to your Google/Yahoo search results;
Browse from,through IExplorer opened windows;
Save from viewed pages: Flash/Images/Sounds/Scripts into sepatate folders;
Icon in IExplorer status bar which will indicate blocked PopUps;
Custom UrlFilter to block iexplorer downloads;
Proxy switcher;
Custom UrlFilter to block iexplorer downloads;
Screen Capture;

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